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Amazing Tips to Play Up Eyes

Eye makeup tips come in handy all the times, whether you are in quest of helpful tips regarding a simple eye makeup or you crave learning a fresh trend. Those who are wearing eye makeup for long and even those too who have just started wearing makeup know that how much fun it is to apply eye makeup. Here is a list of beneficial tips to play up your eyes and make them look their best.

Know Your Palette

Knowing your palette is most basic and essential among all eye makeup tips. Blues work great for the brown eyes, green-eyed gals may choose to use shades of violet and the best choices of blue eyes may be copper and bronze shades. These colors work wonderfully to stand out your eye color and your eye shape too.

Add a Little Shimmer

Addition of subtle or not-so-subtle layer of shimmer on the top of eye makeup is another ideal ways to draw attention to your eyes. Use a bit of shimmer if you are getting ready for daytime event and get slightly bolder for nights out.

Groom Your Lashes

Not any other trick can highlight your pretty peepers in much better way than growing your lashes. Many different products including mascaras and serums are there that will surely help your grow and maintain longer, fuller and more beautiful lashes. Try the trick….. Believe me, it really works.

Be Bold

If you are willing to be bold, trying different eye makeups and makeup techniques can be fun for you. Experiment with colors, effects or palettes you never used before or you don’t use often, and see what you think! Though everything you experiment with would not be apt for the club or office, it will definitely be a fun to try them anyway.

Mix and Match

Mixing and matching is such an amazing eye makeup technique that provides you with different hues which can play up your eyes greatly. For example, if the brand you are loyal to doesn’t offer the exact shade you are seeking, mix and match makeup and see how it serves to play your eyes up!

Play Down Elsewhere

If you are aiming at playing up your eyes, play down elsewhere. If you will highlight all of your facial features- eyes, lips, cheeks etc- you will finish up with an overdone look. So, wear more meek lipstick and also avoid going overboard on the bronzer or blush.

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