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All About Eye Makeup

There are so many things that you can do and try to get a beautiful and fascinating sexy look according to your own face cut and eye color and eye shape and we are going to talk about some famous and some legendary eye looks and we will start with the all time favorite and sexy film actress Anita Ekberg who gave a trend to her time when her film La Dolce Vita.

If you are one of those who loved that La Dolce Vita eye look then you can get that look too and you just need to add some simple cuts and simple liner for that, and for that you don’t even need to add too much glamor in that you can just use primer and that dark liner on the classy romantic way and you will get the classy queen look in no time.

If you want to add some fake lashes then you just need to know how to blend the natural one with artificial, even big names do that all of the time, you just need to pick the one which look cute and perfect for your eye shape, you can use those thin one which look good with your own lashes, or you can sue that single strip on your eyes too cause honestly speaking that look better and good.

All About Eye Makeup

If you are using completely mate look and then you plan to add some shimmer then you can, because there is nothing sexier than odd and out things so you can use shimmer to get flirt eye trend and for that you can use sparkly colors like gold, silver and bronze or opt for metallic blues orgreens to add more depth to the look and you don’t need to match your other face.

About Eye Makeup How To Do

Smoking is good and we all know that this is the most safest eye look possible cause if you know the rules then you never do wrong with that and you never miss the spark, but don’t let it become your trademark, try different thing and use different shades too, keep complimenting and be innovative too, don’t scare of adding things in your looks.

How to Apply Eye Makeup

If you don’t have anything to hide or fix then you should not add too much make up, just enhance the look and pick the best features of your face and enhance them, follow the rule of less is more and try not to hide your eyes behind a ton of makeup.
Best of luck.

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