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Ali Zafar And Humaima Rocks Lux Style Awards 2012 Stage [PHOTOS]

Light! Camera! Action! Ting Rang Ting Rang Ting Rang!!! This is an interesting news that Ali Zafar and this year’s Lux Style Award winner Humaima Malik rocked the stage of this year’s Lux Style Awards 2012.


There were Jhoom, Ting Rang and Madhubaala which were performed by the Pakistani “Chocolate Boy” Ali Zafar. “London Paris New York” actor, whose “Jhoom” album also won the award of “Best Album of the Year”, paid a soulful and tearful tribute to Mehdi Hassan who died on June 13, 2012.


Earlier, Ali wrote on his Twitter wall, “Honoured and humbled to be given the opportunity to pay tribute to the greatest legend Mehdi Hassan at #LSA on the year of his passing.”

He wrote further while telling about his dashing performance with this year’s Lux Style Award winner Humaima Malik, “Later on I will also be doing a full blown performance on London,Paris,New York, Jhoom and Madhubaala. #LSA”.


Later he thanked his fans after win the award, “Thank you all for vouching for me. I won the award for “Jhoom” as the best album on public voting. Nothing without u.” Ali Zafar’s Jhoom won the award of Best Album Of The Year.

Model-turned-actress Humaima Malik of ‘Bol’, who brought the trophy of “Best Actress” at the London Asian Film Festival 2012 after beating the top Bollywood actresses like former Miss World Shilpa Shetty, Shabana Azmi and Frieda Pinto, was also announced as the winner of Best Film actress at last night’s award.


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