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Aeisha Varsey: Pakistan Top Fashion Designer

Aeisha Varsey is one of the fashion designers who are working in the fashion industry of Pakistan more than decade. These fashion designers have a big hand in the promotion and growth of Pakistan’s fashion industry and show biz. Her creations have made every one stunned and to think that she is not a common fashion designers but her talent is God gifted. She is quite famous in the fashion industry for her unique style of designing as most of her creation is inspired by nature.

Before 1989 Aeisha Varsey was working in the fashion industry in the Middle East as Pakistan’s Show biz industry was not much grown than. But in 1989 Aeisha Varsey introduced herself in the fashion market with a new label that was after her name as “Aeisha Varsey”. Under the head of this label she started designing her own ideas which was inspired by herself. After a short span of time she made her presence quite strong in the fashion industry of U.S., Middle East and Europe. Her signature style is opulent with meticulous detailing with large variety of fabrics, silhouettes, colors and embroideries.

She has nice approach over the creating a unique range from zingy casuals to ornately formal. Her collection got famous due to an interesting feature that even formal dress created by her give a feeling of comfort and easiness while wearing. When she got popular in creating regular fashion stuff, she takes interest in the bridal wear and in that concern her focus was Eastern bridal tradition. Right from her first exhibition of her Bridal wear collection she got very famous due to her unique feature of the collection that were elegant fabrics, silhouettes, colors and embroideries.

While working on the bridal collection she had a go through Royal Indian and Mughal culture which made her inspired very much that is the main reason that most of her Bridal collection is detailed with handicraft. Well, Aeisha Varsey’s new plan is to establish herself on national and international level as she is going to open her new store with her own brand in major cities of Pakistan and on the international level New York and Houston are her targets. Pakistan’s top models feel it an honor for themselves to pose for her creations and collections.

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