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Activities to Avoid During Pregnancy

Activities to Avoid During PregnancyWe all would agree that there was a time when old wives use to say that one should not take a step, and should spend all pregnancy on the bed, physical activity were absolutely bad for woman and they all have no excuse at all, according to recent research one should stay as active as possible and should not sit idle unless the pregnancy is high risk, in fact  doctors recommend staying as active as possible during pregnancy without over exertion, especially in first trimester and then they can reduce the activities in last month due to physical discomfort, nothing else, we are going to talk about some simple things that one should not do during pregnancy.

Activities to Avoid During Early Pregnancy

Things to Avoid During Pregnancy

The first and the most important thing that one should keep an eye during pregnancy is bad intakes, one should avoid alcohol, tobacco products and other drugs, if you are strongly addicted to these things then you should start reducing the quantity as soon as you think to conceive, and by the time you actually get pregnant you need to avoid them all together, no matter who badly you miss these things, you need to eliminate these activities from your lifestyle the moment you find out you are pregnant cause alcohol and other bad things are 100 time worse for your baby then it is for you and  according to medical research these are the main things for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), higher rates of asthma and other repertory conditions in newborns.

Next thing you need to deduct form your lifestyle is other kind of street drugs such as cocaine, marijuana and others cause they are a serious life threats for fetus, especially during the month,  cause these can actually cause of major organs and the nervous system damage and disaster during the first trimester, these can cause mental and physical disabilities ad defects in baby , in fact doctors says that one should actually keep an eye on prescribed medications too and contact with your doctors and gynecologist and make sure you are not eating something bad.

Reduce the intake of caffeine by avoiding items such as coffee, tea and chocolate, although dark chocolate is great for body, but one should avoid because caffeine can be bad for the baby since it can be a restriction in the process of absorbing the essential nutrient during the first trimester specially during the first trimester cause iron deficiency during first trimester can lead to birth defects and anemia in the mother and baby too.

There are certain foods that are kind of risk factors for baby such as raw meats, non pasteurized dairy foods, raw eggs, raw shellfish or seafood and deli meats because they all hold the risk of containing Listeria, bacteria that can cause miscarriage or still born birth.

Fruits to Avoid During Pregnancy

Don’t you even think about dieting for weight loss during pregnancy unless the patient is already on a diet program for obesity and your Doc suggest that you should keep on diet, otherwise you should keep on regular balanced diet no matter what.

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