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Activities During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most enjoyable period of life if you are ready and desire to be pregnant, the pregnancy period is the period full of care and attention of every one for the sake of life and health of children. Usually most of the household women limit their activities during this period but it is not good, if the pregnancy is with normal process and no complication then the type of activities is only to be changed rather then to be stopped. So there are certain activities for pregnant women.


  • The pregnant women are suggested to do some special exercise for each trimester according to the demand of the body. Usually yoga, walking and simple aerobics are suggested for pregnant woman so that her body muscles remain flexible for the delivery process and delivery should be normal without any complications.


  • It is thought whatever the mother thinking it will effect the Childs mental health so the women is suggested to do all such hobbies which are creative as well as with positive thinking to bring the positivistic attitude in child’s nature and behavior  as reading good books, doing some creative writing, art  or etc.


  • It is the best activity if the pregnant mother if she is at bed rest, you may knit, it will keep your fingers engaged and it is thought that as much your fingers work it will affect the mental capabilities of your baby increased. The other advantage of this that you will prepare some thing new for your baby.


  • To watch movies about pregnancy or at any other topics which make you happy and are good for yours health as well as for child health and for newborn’s mental development.


  • To recreate yourself you may go to out side in healthy environment as for baby shopping. For seasonal fruit shopping, to go park with your partner, it will create great emotional affiliation between you and your partner and develop good feelings within your baby.


  • If your budget allows you will arrange some get to gather with your friends or family members to develop the social attitude within your child.

All these activities help that your journey to embark in positive way.


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