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Acne Skin Treatment That Really Works

Acne Skin Treatment That Really Works – Acne appearance on the skin is very irritating. We usually get tired by treating them with verity of ways and products. But we do not get fruitful results; sometimes they disappear quickly but reappear after few days. It is the irritating situation for us. It is an aesthetic as well health problem.


Before treating them it is best to know the causes of the acne:

  • Due to overactive work of sebaceous glands of the skin.
  • Insufficient cleansing of the skin pores as result these get clogged with dirt and sebum and infected.

The right choice for the treatment of acne is quite daunting and right choice is really challenging. Delay in treatment causes the deep seating of the acne in the skin and formation of persistent scars. Indeed consultation with dermatologist is necessary for the treatment of acne who will give you proper medication after diagnosing the cause of outbreaks and also aesthetic procedure are to be carried out if required, but what other alternatives and measure to be taken for the treatment without any further outbreaks of pimples and acne.


Here are some recipes that work well for the treatment of acne:

USE OF NON MEDICATED CLEANSERS: Cataphyll daily cleanser is free from soap and used daily for cleansing the pores .It does not irritate the skin and form gentle foam which is also used to remove the make up. It is used twice in a day, at morning and at evening.


ACID BASED EXFOLIANT: AHA alphhydroxy acids and salicylic acids are used to exfoliate the acne skin. Salicylic acid is best suited for the acne prone skin as it cut off the secretion of extra oil and unclogs the blocked pores of the skin. It makes the skin smooth and even. The salicylic acid also balance the PH of the skin because sometimes the acne appears due to the unbalancing of acidic content of the skin .BHA  creams, gels and lotions are used for extra sensitive skin  which get redness and irritation after exfoliation.


OIL FREE MOISTURIZER AT NIGHT: Acne appears mostly at the oily skin and individuals with acne prone skin avoid using the moisturizers. But in this act the skin get dry and skin glands start to secrete more sebum, Use of oil free moisturizer as cataphyll moisturizing lotion do good job with low oil content and great moisturizing abilities.


OIL FREE MOISTURIZER WITH SPF CONTENTS AT DAY TIME: Use of Cataphyll Daily Facial Cleanser and Olay Complete Defense Daily UV are best for acne prone skin which is used in day time under the normal make up. Use of product with the extract of green tea is also very beneficial for acne skin.

CONSISTENCY: With all the above acne treatment the skin care with consistency is essential as cleansing, exfoliation and moisturizing.

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