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7 Most Stylish Bob Hairstyles With Bangs

A perfect Bob haircut, teamed up with an attractive set of bangs, it’s the hairstyle that is looks pretty with almost each facial shape. Whether your hair is short, medium or you are blessed with thick, long wavy hair, there is always a bob hairstyle that may give your locks Barbie-like gorgeous look. If you also are inspired by this cute haircut, must visit this page to get trendy ideas for stylish Bob haircuts with bangs.

7 Most Stylish Bob Hairstyles With Bangs

Most Stylish Bob Hairstyles With Bangs

1.  Stylish Bob Haircut With Bangs

This chic and trendy version of bob is capable enough to get you all the apple you want. To recreate the style by you own, fist your freshly washed dry hair with root lifter in the crown area following up with smoothening serum dab evenly onto the edges. Now side parting the bangs, blow them in at the bottom and then tuck the ends inwards using a small round brush. Finally apply polish cream thoroughly to give it a polished look.

Stylish Bob Haircut

2.  Bob Hairstyle With Blunt Bangs

Featuring blunt bangs, this exciting variation of bob hairstyle exudes confidence enhancing your feminine appeal a bit more. To rock the perfect look, you just need to work generous amount of straightening gel through freshly washed moist curls and then blow dry the bangs frontwards smoothing out the cowling out the cowlicks afterwards. Next up straight down rest of hair flat iron making sure to use heat-protecting spray beforehand. Finally, mist strong hold serum allover to keep the thing in place.

Bob Hairstyles With Blunt Bangs

3.  Hot Bob Hairstyle With Straight Bangs

Recreate this captivating design by treating your just rinsed dry hair with a texturing potion and evening out the bangs with hair dryer and a paddle brush. Then get rest of bangs straightened and smoothed out with the help of flat iron. Now having the hair protectant serum applied thoroughly add soft waves using the clip iron. Complete the look with generous mist of mousse.

Hot Bob Hairstyles With Straight Bangs

4.  Long Layered Bob With Front Bangs

Rinse your hair and get them dried naturally. Now dab on liberal amount of a quality thickening mousse and work it thoroughly all over your head. After coming the hair to remove tangles and knots, smooth out bangs with the help of a paddle brush and hair dryer working a concentrator afterwards to get more polished look. At the end, even out any stray hairs with flat iron and stick them in place with hair spray.

Long Layered Bob Hairstyles With Front Bangs

5.  Fringe Curly Bob With Side View Bangs

This is yet another quick and easy bob hair that can be pulled off in a moment for a perfect ultimate look. Your hair is need to be washed freshly and dried naturally. As soon as your hair are utterly dried, pot on some volumizing lotion and section off hair in equally sized portions. Now grab your paddle brush and begin rolling a hair portion from bottom to top. Roll all of the hair sections likewise one by one.

Fringe Curly Bob Hairstyles With Side View Bangs

6.  Cute Bob Hairstyle With Front Bangs

This is also an easily achievable bob hair look. It can best be created on freshly washed dry hair.  To get it right, first work a straightening serum all through the hair and then blow it dry by the means of paddle brush smoothing the flyaway hair with a flat iron. Finish the do with a generous mist of pomade to get an utterly smooth look.

Cute Bob Hairstyles With Front Bangs

7.  Egyptian Bob Hairstyle With Straight Hair Bangs

To create this desirable hair look, you need to wash and dry your curls first. Then apply smoothing serum and after teasing well. Divide hair in moderately thick pieces. Blow all the sections dry with paddle brush one by one. Finally apply heat protecting serum and flatten the hair with flat iron. Pull the look off with strong hold serum.

Egyptian Bob Hairstyles With Straight Hair Bangs

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