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7 Beauty Tips For Expecting Mother

beauty tips for busy moms,beauty tips while pregnant,hair, skin, and makeup tips,herbal beauty tipsWe are going to talk about some non-medical things today, none of these has anything to do with your medicine or your medical issue, you need to get to your gynecologist for those, but you do need these tips too to look beautiful during that cute time and after the delivery.

  1. First thing first, WATCH OUT FOR STRETCH MARKS! No one will tell you when to start massage moisturizer on your skin to keep this marks away from your body, so start from the day you came to know that you are pregnant, and let me tell you one thing, nothing work better than Bio Oil, it is an magical oil and the saddest thing is you don’t get it worldwide but you can make your own oil for your body, you just need to mix some almond oil, cocoa butter cream and when you are ready to apply on your body mix some Vitamin E in it too, but don’t mix it in your whole mixture, and apply it on your stomach, breasts, and knee area to prevent stretching caused by weight gain, the growing baby, and water retention, but at the same time you need to keep an eye on your weight too, you don’t need to eat all the rubbish on the name of pregnancy, eat healthy and balanced food and walk, don’t just sit at home and don’t move cause you are expecting.
  2. Join some sort of pregnant activity club, cardio is good for you, yoga and stretching is very good and walking is very good not only for you, for your baby, but for your delivery too, let me tell you one thing, all the junk food, rubbish juices, shakes and fatty pancakes and baked sweets are going to make you fat, your baby doest want it, you just need to provide the main minerals and vitamin and trust me natural and healthy food will fulfill all of you and your baby’s requirements eat healthy not rubbish.
  3. Stay hydrated and that is one thing that you need to write each and every wall of your home, you have to drink plenty of water, keep your body moisturized from inside out and it will not only keep your body and baby healthy and moisturized, but it will provide the good oxygen to your body and to your blood too, so drink water, lots of water, did I say juice and smoothies? No I did not, because I don’t want you to eat calories in your drinks, drink water, and eat fruits instead squeeze juice out of these.
  4. Avoid smoke, alcohol, drugs, caffeine and avoid stress, it is not for you, you have to keep that time very smooth for you and for your baby, I can tell you a story of a girl who does not have hair follicle on her entire body cause her mother was stressed when the mother was pregnant with that girl, it’s horrible:(
    Take all the specialized multivitamins and supplements that doc recommended you and keep your visit to your surgery pretty regular, no matter if you are feeling perfectly alright, just visit your mid wife to see if everything is okay.
  5. If you are getting bad skin issues even you are taking really very good care of your skin and you are not sure what to do to keep things slow down then eat spinach and start uncooked vegetables and juices, and ask your doc if you are lacking anything, steam is very good, but don’t take risk of stammer you can try wet worm towel too.
  6. Apply castor oil for 10-20 minutes on your entire body three times a week, no matter if you see some baby hair on your body, you can treat them, you will never be able to treat starch again.
  7. If you are going to stay at home or you want to keep things simple them stay natural, use moisturizer or BB cream, but avid all kind of creams and cosmetics, enjoy the cosmetic and chemical free 36 weeks.

beauty tips for busy moms,beauty tips while pregnant,hair, skin, and makeup tips,herbal beauty tips-


Best of luck all cute and beautiful gals, mothers-to-be.

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