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5 Ways To Get Better Appearance

5 Ways To Get Better Appearance
5 Ways To Get Better Appearance

It is the natural instinct of each of us to have better life. Most of the time we spend in grooming our self, No doubt the intelligence and beauty both are necessary factors to groom our personality In fast-moving time where we have only 24 hours in a day we have to look after to ourselves as well as to others. It is the hardest job to be done. With this we have to meet our ends. So whole of our life is occupied with continuous struggle of grooming our personality.

In order to stand out in crowd we have to make our appearance better. It will surely open new horizons for our better future. If we neglect ourselves then we lost our existence.
Here are the 5 ways which should be the part and parcel in our life for better appearance:


Our dress defines our personality, the first thing to be noticed wherever we go is our dressing. If it is according to the trends and season it will enhance your appearance. While select the dress for your better appearance checks the hottest trends in runways.
The color scheme, stuff and season of specific clothes make you chic Stitching of dress counts much in making your looks better. The seams of dress fit to your body features and with proper measurements.
The clothes you wear make your personality elegant in all ways but be choosey in the selection of dress according to the environment.


The other thing which is noticed much in your appearance is your sitting and standing posture. It is different in different environment. If you are in formal atmosphere your posture should be looked more sophisticated. On the other hand if you are sitting with your friends then the posture will be more relaxing. Similarly if you are walking your upright shoulders and slightly upward chin it makes you elegant.


For smile it has been said that it is small curve of your lips which set many things straight. . Try different smiles by standing in front of mirror either the open lips smile or close lip smile suits at your facial features. Which is best suited to your face make it the part of your beauty.


Our body language says much when we are verbally unexpressive. It will leave very strong and unique impression on others if use it correctly. It is more powerful as compared to verbal language either you are standing with your subordinate or with your boyfriend. Use the body expressions in positive way with sincerity in your heart and got compliments from others.

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