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5 Party Eye Makeup Tutorial Tips

makeup tutorial,smokey eye makeup tutorial,cat eye makeup tutorial,cleopatra eye makeup tutorialThere are so many things that one can use to enhance one’s look, but I personally feel that nothing work as magical than perfect shades and perfect application of these shades, I like pink a lot and I personally think nothing work better with eyes than black, and I wanted to add golden touch in that look so I am using black, pink and golden, it do sound funky and it does look crazy, but that was the look I was looking for, funky and crazy and you would not believe that it not only look so cute and so beautiful , it look absolutely perfect for almost every kind of party with some changing.

  1. We will start with giving the face a perfect base with moisturizer, foundation or concealer and then blend perfectly and after that, you just need to use a base shade all over the eye and around it too and then blend it well.
  2. Now you just need to take plain shiny and not too dark, gold color with flat brush and apply that on the inner 1/3rd of the lid and then blend it a bit, and then take the cutest pick shade you have and apply in the center of your eye lid with the clean flat brush and blended it ever the golden shade very slightly again not too much, just slightly, try to blend from gold to pick and keep it smooth, don’t blend gold with pink.
  3. Now we will take the angle brush and take mate black shade and apply at the V of your eye lids and blend it well, you can blend it over the crease and then blend it over the pick shade too, but not too much, you just need to take some simple strokes and blend it smoothly, but try not to blend too much or you will end up with a very intense look, and we are trying to get a smooth beautiful party look.
  4. Now when you have done with your upper lid, you just need to take the same pink and apply on the lower lash line and extended it past the upper outer V, but leave some space in between too and then take some simple kajal and apply it on your water line too, but don’t sabotage the pink line on your lower lash line and then take a gel liner and apply a smooth wing with the black gel liner, but you need to follow the pink line that we applied earlier as the guide line cause we need the exact look and we need to fill the space we left earlier with the black liner to create the wing.
  5. Now take a very light gold and shimmery white color and mix it on the back of your hand and then apply it over the brow bone to highlight it and then blend it all the way from inner corner to outer end and finish the look with couple of coats of mascara.

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