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30s Hair Styles

30s-hair-styles30s Hair StylesEach age has some demands in its looks. Same is true for hair styling. At the age of 30 does not mean that you grow elder and have no right to look sexy. This age whether you are mom or not you will have your own style and look more attractive and graceful then teen age.


Not to be afraid from short hair styles and cuts which are trendy in these days? These are easy to manage and get to be styled more conveniently.

The popping up of grey hair makes you anxious, sometimes few strands of grey hair in early 30s or sometime in late 30s. If it is so then these few strands are colored individually instead of full head. If it is more then one third then camouflage gray hair in between coloring with hair mascara.

Women in their 30s are in search of a signature look,” according to celebrity stylist Mark garrison from the Mark Garrison Salon in New York. And while they are very experimental and trend-oriented, he says most women want a style that is easy to maintain at this stage in their lives.


Angled bangs: It is most trendy and looks great in early 30s said by Mark garrison. It will pull you towards the sexy looks.

Shorter bold cuts: Instead of long curly or wavy hair style shorter bob or pixie hair style make you younger and give freshness in your looks.

African American hair cuts: The bob cuts is tempting and giving you the stylish look. The best sculpting formula give the shine to your tresses.

Casual hair style: The half up and half down hair style like the ponytail is versatile for formal and casual occasions. In it the top layer is pulled back away from the face and the lower or bottom layer is hanging down freely. You can pull up and give volume to the top hair and if want give tendrils to the few strands in front.

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