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10 Secret Time Wasters Revealed

10 Secret Time Wasters Revealed – Now a day we generally hear that we have very less time to do this or have no time to visit you, why is it so? We too have 24 hours as the earlier people have but they do much and more work as compared to us.

They visit and meet each other; they do all their works by themselves. Now we have many machines for almost each of our work which saves most of our time. The reason behind this is, that we are time wasters and not to spend our time constructively.

Following are the time saving jobs we should do consciously:


Make your lunch from home: When you are preparing for your office or for job just put your fries in microwave or put your legumes at burner to boil or make your sandwich at night and keep it in refrigerator. All this save your time for working hours to wait for lunch.


Eat in restaurant: It also easier to eat in restaurant instead of standing in queue and wait for your turn to take your food. You may just order to the restaurant few minutes before to leave the office by a phone call and go to eat. The left over will be taken with you to keep in office fridge.


Get reminder software: You can get it either from internet or buy; it will keep your time at track. You can pay bill in time and also remember all your important appointments.


Get a filing system: Make all your files and documents in an organized system in a draw or in your computer by making a folder. In it you will keep your shopping list or news paper cuttings which you feel are relevant to your some work.


Organize your tax time: It is worst time; you have to leave many important tasks for this payment. You make folder in which you keep all the tax relevant documents and bills in it,


Keep each thing at relevant place: Much time is wasted in searching the thing which we need. Make separate drawers or the places for separate category, one for CDs, DVDs and other for magazine, another for bills. It will save much of your time which you spend in collecting scattered things.


Well maintain wardrobes: Arrange the clothes of kids in different portion of cupboard. Keep their undergarments in one and casual or party ware in others.


Organize clothes in hangers: Make the sets of hangers in your ward robe for your self and for other family members. It will save much of your time in deciding what to wear in rush hours.


Eliminate the day dreaming: If you have habit of day dreaming or forgetting make the list of your works and keep it in hand. So not to waste the time in deciding what to do at priority.

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